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At Hydro Vision of Michigan we bring you the finest gardening products in the indoor growing  industry. We have everything you need to complete your indoor growing experience. Call or visit any one of our five store locations today to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members. Then get started with your hydro vision!


We are locally owned and operated retail shops located in Howell and Richmond. Our service is the fastest and friendliest in the state. Customers throughout Michigan rely on our gardening expertise. We carry only premium indoor gardening supplies, hydroponics, soil and soil-less systems. We are proud suppliers of:


  • Sunlight Supply
  • Advanced Nutrients
  • RM Supply
  • DL Wholesale
  • House and Garden
  • BWGS


At Hydro Vision you are always guaranteed that our staff knows the products we sell. We are growers that support the growing community with only the finest products, a knowledgeable and educated staff in the art of growing, and superior service. Isn't it time for you to experience the Hydro Vision difference?


About Hydro Vision

At Hydro Vision, we have brought together an experienced group of Indoor Gardening Experts and have opened Hydroponic Stores throughout Southeast MIchigan. We have done this so that when you have questions or issues with your harvest, you can talk to people that are growers and have been through the trials and tribulations you may be experiencing.


We have also taken these years of experience and invested in only the top line of products and supplies to help ensure you of bigger, better and healthier harvests. We have also spent many, many hours understanding nutrients and proper formulas so you and your plants will get the most out of the nutrients you use.  

Contacting Hydro Vision

Simply click on the location you would like information on and we will take to contact and we will take you there.

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