What You Need To Know About Plant Deficiencies

The correct diagnosis of nutritional deficiencies is important in maintaining optimum plant growth. The recognition of these symptoms allows growers to fine tune their nutritional regime as well as minimize stress conditions.  However, the symptoms expressed are often dependent on the species of plant growth, stage of growth, or other controlling factors.  Therefore, growers should become familiar with nutritional deficiencies on a crop-by-crop basis.  



What To Do About Plant Deficiencies


Record keeping and photographs are excellent tools for assisting in the diagnosis of nutrient deficiencies.  Photographs allow growers to compare symptoms to previous situations in a step-by-step approach to problem solving.  Accurate records help in establishing trends as well as responses to corrective treatments.


You will find pictures and brief descriptions of some of the most common deficiencies in the plant world. Should you not find the picture that resembles one of these deficiencies, check our plant disease page, as it could be a disease.  




    Garden Management


    As with soil-based gardens, hydroponic plants require good pest and disease maintenance controls. Failure to do so creates the same results as with 'ordinary' gardens (i.e. spindly or dead plants). Since the majority of hydroponic plants are fruits and vegetables, that means the plants are not worth eating.

    However, managing the hydroponic garden is even trickier, since disease and pests have it much easier in this setting. Plants are continuously kept wet, either immersed in water ('true' hydroponics) or continually sprayed (aeroponics) or reside in a permanently wet medium such as perlite or sand. Fortunately, as with soil-based gardens, there is an large array of available methods to manage the problem.   

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