Nutrient Feed Schedules

Feeding your plants by using the proper feeding schedules is as important, if not more important, as using the proper nutrients.  We will do our best at supplying the proper and updated feed schedules with all nutrients on the market. Make a point of checking this site for new and updated feed schedules on a regular basis.


Following a good nutrient regime and keeping it simple will go a long way to ensure adequate uptake of all the essential nutrients. It is advisable not to use too many formulations as it may be very difficult to trace the exact cause of the problem if there are many additives and supplements in the nutrient mix. works. What we have found is that it is not always the most expensive products that work best, it is how you use them.


The right nutrients are essential to an effective hydroponic garden. Take a little time to check out your options, and see what is likely to be right for your needs. You might be surprised what a change in nutrient solutions could do! By coming in to our retail store or calling us we can go over all the options when it comes to nutrients and what might work best for your gardening needs. 


The Schedules


Aurora Innovations
Roots Organics  サ Roots Organics Master Feed Schedule Soul Synthetics
Earth Juice
Hydro-Organics  サ Hydroponics  サ Ornamentals  サ Shrubs and Trees  サ Turf  サ Vegetables

General Hydroponics
Simple Drain to Waste  サ Expert Drain to Waste  サ Simple Recirculating   サ Expert Recirculating 
Flora Nova   サ Flora Series   サ Maxi Series  サ Stand Alone Nutrients


  Hydro Feed   サ Soil Feed

Pro Blend Hydro  サ Pro Blend Soil   サ Botanicare - TriFlex
Other Schedules
Advanced Nutrients  サ House and Garden  サ BIOBIZZ  サ Ionic Roots Organics  サ SuperNatural  
Grotek  サ DynaGro Sunleaves  サ Technaflora  サ DutchMaster  サ General Organics 
Humboldt Nutrients  サ Hydrodynamics  サ Organicare Atami BCUZZ  サ Hesi Nutrients



Garden Management


As with soil-based gardens, hydroponic plants require good pest and disease maintenance controls. Failure to do so creates the same results as with 'ordinary' gardens (i.e. spindly or dead plants). Since the majority of hydroponic plants are fruits and vegetables, that means the plants are not worth eating.

However, managing the hydroponic garden is even trickier, since disease and pests have it much easier in this setting. Plants are continuously kept wet, either immersed in water ('true' hydroponics) or continually sprayed (aeroponics) or reside in a permanently wet medium such as perlite or sand. Fortunately, as with soil-based gardens, there is an large array of available methods to manage the problem.   

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